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Huge 1.5CT Blue Diamond Gemstone In Stock

We have some beautiful one of a kind gems in stock just in time for Christmas. We have a 1.5 CT Blue Diamond that will make an incredible Christmas gift for some lucky gal! Give her a gift that will last a lifetime. This incredible gemstone will make a stunning addition to any jewelry lovers collection.

William Henry Pocket Knife Special

Pocket knives by William Henry stand alone. Every one is a work of art as well as a functional knife - with blades of Damascus steel and cases inlaid with rate and beautiful materials. We are offering a special discount on jewelry when you buy a William Henry Knife.

jewelry rehabilitation service casper wyoming

Ready to remodel your aging jewelry? Stop by Fagan Diamond Jewelers in downtown Casper to get a quote for transforming your older, sentimental, unwanted or inherited jewellery into something you will love to wear again.

Let Nora rehabilitate your old jewelry into something special - made just for you. Stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

mens jewelry steel cuffs fagan diamond jewelers casper wyoming

Fagan Diamond Jeweler's is known for its great selection of William Henry Knives for men. We have added a sexy new line of mens jewelry to expand our selection of gifts for men. Come in this Valentine's Day to browse our selection. We have lots of gift options for the Wyoming man in your life.

Gold Jewelry at Fagan Diamond Jewelers

GOLD is in this Holiday Season! Conjure her most extravagant holiday dreams with a tiny box from Fagan Diamond Jewelers.